Data Definitions

Following is a list of the most commonly used terms and related definitions throughout this website.

FTE: Full-time equivalents

FTE student (FTES): Full-time equivalent student, calculated by dividing student credit hours by 30

Fiscal Year FTES: Includes summer, fall and spring student credit hours divided by 30

Term FTES: Full-time equivalent student for a single semester, calculated by dividing student credit hours by 15

FTEF: Full-time equivalent faculty

Headcount Students: Number of individual students enrolled for a semester. In most cases, headcount only includes students that are reportable to the state, e.g., enrolled in D1 or H1

SCH: Student credit hours, derived by multiplying the number of students enrolled in a course by the course credit (e.g., 3.0 credit hours x 30 students = 90 SCH)

SFR: Student/faculty ratio (FTES divided by FTEF)