To connect with our brand messages, we use emotionally engaging, active imagery that captures the vibrancy and purpose of CU Anschutz. Our imagery style is bold, impactful and authentic, reflecting the diversity, innovation and determination that is part of our everyday culture.

Our approach to imagery can be divided into three areas: topical, cultural and environmental.


Topical photos capture our people in their natural environment – where they live, learn, work, teach, etc. These photos should connect the subjects to the content in an authentic, organic and confident manner. Natural lighting and a short depth of field – where the subject is in focus and the background is not – creates visual interest and captures the viewer’s eye. Avoid overly staged and posed settings.


Cultural photos showcase the spirit, diversity and energy of CU Anschutz, a thriving hub of students, educators, health care professionals and scientific leaders. These photos should capture "moments in time" and exemplify the contributions of our community.


Environmental photos serve as “hero” images, capturing the beauty and distinctiveness of CU Anschutz's buildings, spaces and surroundings. Dramatic lighting, unique angles and strong visual composition create a sense of excitement, familiarity and belonging – even for viewers who may have never visited in person.