The University of Colorado’s stationery system has been intentionally designed to meet the correspondence needs of our global university community. Adherence to our stationery system strengthens our brand, increases efficiencies and reduces costs.

University stationery—including business cards, letterhead and envelopes—is available to full and part-time employees, including faculty, staff and student workers.



The design and layout for all CU stationery is standardized throughout the University of Colorado system. Deviations from the format of any kind—including custom layouts, designs, changes in type size or font, or addition/replacement of graphic elements—are not permitted.

With a few, pre-approved exceptions, the campus logo (Denver, Anschutz or dual) is used on all stationery for university schools, colleges, departments, units and centers. For questions, please contact




Business cards

Business cards follow a standardized design with the CU Anschutz logo at top left. Name, title and affiliation are listed below in the left column, with address and contact information in the corresponding right column. A mandatory university website address is located in the bottom left corner. 

Examples (click to enlarge):

Reverse-side content

Additional addresses and/or contact information may be listed on the reverse side of CU business cards. With the exception of social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), graphics or design elements are not permitted on the reverse side of university business cards. This includes taglines, slogans, logos or marks of any kind. 

Student business cards

Current CU Anschutz students may order university business cards. Student cards must include a major or degree program directly beneath the student’s name, along with the estimated graduation year. 






Letterhead follows a standardized design with primary university logo at top left. Name, title, affiliation, address and contact information are listed either at top right (option A), or centered at the bottom of the page (option B).

Examples (click to enlarge):

Electronic letterhead

Electronic letterhead templates (in MS Word format) are available for non-printed, digital applications.

Electronic letterhead is not a replacement for official printed CU Denver letterhead. Academic and administrative units should use the official printed letterhead and envelopes for all printed purposes. They are available for purchase from Printing Services.



Envelopes feature a standardized design with primary university logo at top left. Name, title, affiliation, address and contact information are listed beneath.

All addressing must conform to USPS standards. Mailpieces using non-profit or bulk indicias may have additional addressing requirements. Contact Mail Services for more information.

Pre-printed envelopes are available for purchase from Printing Services.



To accommodate additional correspondence needs, a variety of custom-designed, branded notecards are available. To order, contact Printing Services at or call (303) 724-6410.