Cash Receipts

​​At CU Denver, handling cash – including currency, coins, checks, credit card receipts, wire transfers, and gift cards – requires attention to both security for the cash and safety for the individuals responsible for it.

Cash Receipt Form

The Cash Receipt form​​ is used to deposit cash (paper/coin currency, checks, traveler’s checks, money orders) received by an organizational unit into an appropriate SpeedType.​ Please see the Controller's Office Cash Receipt Web Page.

Top Areas ​of ​​Concerns

  • Proper Training
  • Separation of Staff Duties (separation of staff duties to ensure a control environment)
  • Documentation if its Purpose
  • Safeguarding of the Cash
If you are looking for a specific revenue code, refer account codes 300000 - 349999 in the Controller's chart of accounts​​​. If you are looking for a different account code please contact