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Message from the Director of CARGO:


Our Mission:

To provide high quality, reproducible, economical research services to the internal and external scientific community.


"Welcome to the Colorado Anschutz Genetics Resource Organization (CARGO), University of Colorado’s core facility dedicated to genotyping technologies, which is part of the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine (CCPM). CARGO provides a range of genome/DNA technologies and associated QC and informatics services to researchers at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus, and to researchers beyond our campus.

CARGO has a long history of building a strong research infrastructure through Johns Hopkins University’s Bayview Genomics and Genetics facility, which relocated to CU in 2015. The core provides in-house, state-of-the-art genotyping capabilities, with integrated bioinformatics and statistical support for QC and preliminary analysis. Thanks to the CARGO team and institutional support, after one year, I am happy to report that CARGO has grown significantly in expanding our expertise and instrumentation, and the number of genome wide association studies (GWAS) performed using Illumina’s Multi-Ethnic Genotyping Array (MEGA) that have been processed and analyzed.

Considering our growth, I am proud of the rate at which the core has been utilized by investigators on our campus and beyond, and our ability to keep up with developing technologies and the delivery of highly reproducible, high-quality data. CARGO will continue to advance and progress as a high quality genotyping center, provide investigators with the most up to date technology, and assist in the design and development of new methodologies, in collaboration with CCPM’s Translational Informatics and Computational Resource (TICR) team.

Thank you for visiting our website. I recommend you connect with our project team and consider visiting our facility, so we can meet and address your specific project needs."



Kathleen Barnes

Advisory Committee:

The CARGO committee includes the following members:

· Kathleen C. Barnes, PhD

· Meher Boorgula, MS

· Tonya Brunetti, PhD

· Monica Campbell, MS

· Michelle Daya, PhD

· Rasika Mathias, ScD

· Tzu Phang, PhD

· Nicholas Rafaels, MS

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