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User Reported Phishing Attempts

The following steps outline how to report suspected junk or phishing emails to Microsoft and the Security Operations team. Depending on a user's Outlook client version, there will be three options to report suspected junk or phishing messages. You can use the built-in "Report" button along the top toolbar; the "Report Message" add-in; or you can right-click the message, hover over "Report" and choose "Junk" or "Phishing."

If you believe a message has been marked as junk by mistake you will have the option to report messages as "Not Junk" while in the Junk folder.


Outlook on the Web or Outlook Web Client

Use the "Report" button which gives the options "Report phishing" or "Report junk".


Windows Desktop Outlook Client 

Use the "Report Message" and choose either "Junk", "Phishing", or "Not Junk".


Microsoft Outlook for Mac

The options to report phishing below will depend on what version of Outlook you have.

Use the "Report" button which gives the options "Report junk" or "Report phishing" or use the "Report Message" button and choose either "Junk", "Phishing", or "Not Junk".

If your workstation has been attacked
  1. Stop all actions. Do not turn off the computer.
  2. Contact the OIT Service Desk at 303-724-4357 or 4-HELP and report the incident.

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