COVID-19 Policy Changes Effective November 17, 2022

Several changes to our COVID-19 protocols are effective November 17, 2022 as outlined in Chancellor Elliman's communication.

  • The CU Anschutz COVID-19 self-reporting process has been discontinued at this time, so there is not currently a need for students or employees to submit a self-report form when they become symptomatic or test positive for COVID-19.
  • Instead, individuals are expected to take responsibility for their own health by following current COVID-19 guidance pertaining to their situation, which is available on the campus coronavirus homepage and aligns with CDC recommendations.
    • Please remove any links to the self-report form from your websites, newsletters or other communications, and direct people to the campus coronavirus website for current protocols.
    • The self-report form link now includes messaging that redirects CU Anschutz traffic to the campus coronavirus homepage as well.
  • While the CU Anschutz Contact Tracing Team will shift focus from investigating COVID cases to providing information and resources to our campus community, their team will monitor an email inbox for COVID-related questions and offer any one-on-one assistance needed (
  • Because of these changes, supervisors will no longer receive COVID-19 notifications from the Contact Tracing Team when students or employees in their areas may be ill with COVID-19. It is now up to individual students and employees to notify their supervisors when ill and need to miss classes or work due to COVID-19, as they would with any other illness.
  • It’s essential that we emphasize staying home when sick and practicing good health hygiene, particularly during the fall and winter season as cases of COVID-19, influenza, cold and other respiratory viruses like RSV are on the rise.