For Review


The CCOC began routine, periodic review of core-area syllabi in the spring of 2008. Reviewing one core-area's syllabi per semester, the CCOC provides core-course faculty with feedback concerning compliance with requirements and consistency within the core area.  Feedback categories include:


  • Disclosure to students that the course is a Core course
  • Core Area learning outcomes
  • Critical thinking Instruction
  • Writing Instruction (math and science courses exempt) 
  • Academic rigor appropriate to the discipline at the level of the course
  • Attendance policy
  • Participation in Early Alert/Starfish


If faculty teach in a core area that is up for review, they are required to submit their syllabus to both their department chair and the CCOC mailbox by the census date (first week in September or February).

The CCOC uses this form in its review of Core Course Syllabi and can be found here (Core Course Evaluation Form)