The purpose of this retreat is to create a brave space for students of all backgrounds to deepen their exploration and understanding of issues related to diversity, inclusion, identity, power, privilege, oppression, and activism. Given the context of several national, regional, and local events that have impacted our campus community, this retreat will provide a space for students to engage in advocacy for change through unique forms of activism in conversations across differences in a deep and intentional way. This virtual retreat will be grounded in social justice pedagogy. Students will be challenged to understand their lived experience as the grounds for developing critical perspectives and actions directed toward social change (Adams, 2007). The hope is that through this retreat, students will begin to understand how dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression show up in their lives and on campus, ultimately resulting in a positive influence towards the Auraria and CCA campus climate.

This retreat will be in a virtual setting, held Monday, March 29 – Friday, April 16, 2021.



Transcend Social Justice Retreat 2020 Photo Gallery