Women & Gender Center programs

The COVID pandemic and ongoing protests in support of Black, Indigenous, and POC (BIPOC) communities have enabled the Women & Gender Center at CU Denver to shift our priorities in ways that we hope will benefit not only CU Denver students but also the communities that surround and support our students. As the campus remains mostly closed to face-to-face interactions, we have relocated our services to virtual and physical locations that better suit our students' current needs.

We also continue to offer education, advocacy, and support for students, staff, and faculty of all genders. Currently, this includes the following:

  • Workshops and trainings
    • Intro to gender diversity (trans & nonbinary identities, experiences, & issues)
    • Trans-inclusive pedagogy and practices
    • Supporting LGBTQ+ community members
    • Healthy masculinity
    • Healthy sexuality
  • Transition-related support
    • Legal name change resources
    • Updating your CU profile--chosen name/pronouns and legal name/gender marker
    • Rights & protections for transgender / nonbinary community members
  • Pregnancy, parenting, & lactation resources
  • Advocacy & resources for folks who've experienced gender-based harassment, discrimination, or bias

To learn more about any of the resources or programs listed above, email the Women & Gender Center at wgc@ucdenver.edu.