Latinx pushes beyond gender binaries and acknowledges the intersecting identities of our incredibly diverse community. Additionally, the “x” gives a nod to our indigenous ancestral roots. Latinx includes men, women, gender non-conforming, non-binary, trans, queer, gender, and gender-fluid folks in our communities. It is not an exclusionary term; it opens the door for all the different ways folks would like to be identified. Ultimately, what we want you to know is that regardless of how you choose to identify yourself (Chicano, Chicana, Xicanx, Latina, Latino, Hispanic, Mexicano, Puertoriqueño, Colombiano, Afro-Latinx, etc.) you are welcome here and we hope you come see us soon. For more information about Latinx, check out this blog.

If you have any questions about our programs and services please contact Aisury Vasquez aisury.vasquez@ucdenver.edu. You are always welcome to visit us in our office, Student Commons 2007 or give us a call 303-315-1878.