Since its inception in 1969, CII has served thousands of students, helping them to persist, thrive, and graduate. Similar to many universities in the U.S., our intuition developed the Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) during the Civil Rights era as higher education opened its doors to members of underrepresented groups. The CU Denver EOP was established and played a vital role in the outreach and recruitment of underrepresented students.

In the summer of 2017, EOP changed its name to the Center for Identity & Inclusion (CII) to reflect the programs CII remains an integral part of CU Denver as the only unit whose programs focus explicitly on American Indian, Asian American, Black, and Latinx students. The proportion of undergraduate students of color at CU Denver has increased each year since 2005. Consequently, there is a heightened need for intentional, inclusive programming that optimizes the potential for ALL students to benefit from being members of a diverse student body.