Denver Campus New Budget Model FAQs

How does the budget align with CU Denver’s strategic priorities?

Sep 23, 2020, 17:22 PM
Question : How does the budget align with CU Denver’s strategic priorities?

In Fall 2016, Chancellor Dorothy Horrell established five priorities to guide our ongoing success:     

- Student success
- Scholarly preeminence
- Community impact
- Inclusive excellence
- Long-term financial sustainability

The budget redesign clearly supports the fifth priority, as this new approach provides us with more control and transparency around our resources to plan for long-term success. However, financial stability is the foundation for all our other efforts. Without a strong financial core, we cannot meet the needs of our students, support our faculty and staff or create a vibrant campus community. Our new incentive-based budget model is being designed to align our goals and actions with our strategic vision. 

As Colorado’s only public urban research university, we must clearly articulate what differentiates us from other universities and invest in those unique strengths. With help from leadership at all levels, we can have important discussions, make strategic decisions and implement a more sustainable budget model. Ultimately, our hard work will allow us meet our goals and contribute to the economic, social and cultural vitality of our metropolitan region, our state, and beyond.
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