Guide to Secure Devices

Safe Surfing 

Keep operating systems updated with anti-virus software, block pop-up windows and proceed with caution when visiting websites.

General Protection 

Be sure all devices are password protected and use auto-lockout at all times. Do not leave your devices unattended for any reason.


If you are storing PHI and/or other highly confidential data on any  device, encryption is required. 


Wireless access should be disabled when not in use to prevent automatic connections.  Avoid insecure “wi-fi hot spots” whenever possible.


Be cautious—always research first--when installing software and review application permissions to avoid unnecessary sharing.


Change your passwords every 3 months. A password vault such as   LastPass,  Dashlane and  1Password helps keep you secure with auto-fill, generation and management. 

Read more on the CU Office of Information Security blog webpage about helping to ensure that your password is strong enough!

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