Our Culture

We live by our SPLICE values.



We are customer focused and strive to be responsible, reliable, thorough, and committed in the service we provide.


We are knowledgeable, accountable, courteous, and courageous. We define what it is to be an ideal IT Professional through our integrity, open mind, and ethical actions.


We are transparent, communicative, and supportive of our fellow employees. We are ethical, visionary, and work for the good of one another, the organization and its people.


We are creative and progressive in developing and providing solutions to faculty, staff, students and community.


We believe in a safe working environment that is healthy, inclusive, and supportive. We believe in diversity and fun.


We work to be the best we can be. We seek out, employ, encourage, and maintain talented employees and empower them to carry out exceptional activities within OIT.

Want to find out more information about OIT Culture?

Contact Amy Dahlbach: amy.dahlbach@cuanschutz.edu

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