No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you pay attention, sometimes grasping course concepts, completing assignments and preparing for tests can be hard. But, there's no need to stress over it because Learning Resources tutoring services are here for you. We can help you succeed.

Overcome Challenges With Extra Help

Every course comes with its own challenges. Sometimes concepts will come naturally to you, but chances are you're not mastering everything you learn in each each lecture right away. To do that, you need to revisit and practice the things you've been taught, and in some cases you'll need some extra help from an outside source. But, professors aren't always available for one-on-one help. That's where we come in.

Experts When You Need Them

Our tutors are both current and former students who work directly with professors to offer you expert advice. We offer a flexible schedule to make sure even the busiest students can find a time to get help.

You can schedule your one-time tutoring appointments through Navigate in your CU Denver portal. In addition, we offer Drop-In Tutoring. Whatever your time constraints may be, we will find a time to work with you.

Scheduled Tutoring

Students may request one-time tutoring sessions through Navigate directly or it can be accessed via your UCDAccess student portal. Space is limited so we encourage students to submit an appointment request for tutoring as soon as possible.

Veterans and Military-Connected Students

We also serve veteran and military-connected students. The first step is to log into Navigate and see if the LRC can meet your tutoring needs. Veterans and military-connected students who need additional assistance (course isn't offered through LRC or other accommodations are needed), please contact tutoringforvets@ucdenver.edu.

Drop-In Tutoring

Don't have a tutoring session scheduled but need a question answered as soon as possible? We offer Drop-In tutoring sessions that anyone can attend. Each session is conducted by a different tutor who is knowledgeable in a variety of courses and subject areas. Check out the Summer 2020 Drop-In Schedule below to find the sessions available for your course or area of study. Summer Drop-In Tutoring sessions via Zoom run from July 14th through July 25th.

Exam Jam Week - Review Sessions

We call it Exam Jam Week. And, that's all you need to know to get prepped and ready for that big test you've got coming up. Exam review sessions for select courses is what we do. Tutors and Supplemental Instruction (SI) facilitators organize these sessions to help clarify questions- and answers!- about course material and provide an opportunity for students to evaluate what they already know and what they still need to learn.

Review Sessions

  • Extension and continuation of a tutor's/Supplemental Instruction (SI) facilitator’s regular sessions, may not suit the needs of all students enrolled in the course 
  • All students are welcome
  • Priority is given to students currently working with LRC tutors/SI facilitators
  • Sessions aren't intended to give out sample test items to familiarize students with what to expect on the exam
  • ​General focus is on key concepts for the course based on the tutor’s/SI facilitator’s knowledge and experience of the course
  • Provides an overview of course material, not a detailed review of the entire class, the student is responsible for knowing know what is covered on the exam by consulting with the course instructor