Tutoring & Peer Education

Maximize Your Understanding of Concepts

All tutoring appointments for summer 2021 will be hosted on Zoom.


Mistakes are a critical part of learning

We understand that there can be a lot of pressure to "get the grade."  But we also know that mistakes are a critical part of learning.  So wouldn't it be better to make mistakes with a peer tutor who understands the pressures of being a student, rather than on your quiz or exam?   

Partnering for your success

Academic success at a university requires a lot of effort and effective studying, and it can be hard. Study methods for one course don’t always work in another course. Staying on top of all your course work can be a challenge for anyone. But you don’t have to face the stress and challenges on your own because our team of dedicated peer tutors are here for you! We want to support you in your academic journey.   

Whether you’re feeling behind, wanting to improve, or going strong and want to keep your streak, our CRLA-certified tutors will partner with you to maximize your learning potential. We offer Tutoring Appointments and Guided Study Groups to support you. 

Tutoring Appointments 

Our tutors know that summer courses can be intense, and they want to support you in maximizing your understanding of concepts.  Sign up for a tutoring appointment today!  Our tutors guide you and a partner to review concepts, ask questions, practice problems, and be better prepared for class. You’ll talk through concepts together, work on practice problems, and strengthen your understanding of course content while learning collaboratively. Our tutors are there to give support on content, study strategies, and to guide your learning. 

  • Extra support for your course 
  • 55-minute session for a specific course 
  • Work with a tutor and a partner (there may be another student in your session) 
  • Sign up ahead of time via Navigate for each appointment 
  • Flexibility in scheduling 
  • Four (4) total appointments per week for Summer 2021.  You can sign up for 2 appointments in a row if you want to work with a tutor for a longer time (~2 hours).   

Guided Study Groups will resume in Fall 2021 

Sign up for a Guided Study Group session where you will focus on connecting with your classmates for a regular study time guided by one of our qualified peer tutors. Meet weekly with your study group (2-4 students from your class) to discuss concepts together, work on practice problems, and strengthen your understanding of course content while learning collaboratively. A tutor will be there to guide your study sessions, answer any questions, and facilitate your collaborative learning empowering you to discover your own learning potential. 

  • Strengthen your understanding of content
  • Meet weekly with a tutor and group of students (2-4 classmates)
  • 60 or 90 minute sessions
  • Work with the same people throughout the semester
  • Sign up for Guided Study Groups for multiple course
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How to Sign Up for Tutoring

How to Cancel a Tutoring Appointment

Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know so we can continue to improve our services to meet the needs of the CU Denver community. Please note: Regardless of synchronous or asynchronous course delivery, students are unable to sign up for any LRC service that conflicts with a scheduled class time. 

**LRC Tutoring courses are subject to change


Note for Veteran and Military-Connected Students:

The LRC is CU Denver's tutoring headquarters, and we are ready to serve you.  If you are looking for additional assistance (course isn't offered through LRC or other accommodations are needed), please contact tutoringforvets@ucdenver.edu