Supplemental Instruction

Extra Support for Difficult Courses

An SI Leader Specifically Assigned to Your Section

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is offered for courses like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and other traditionally difficult courses. With SI, you maximize your study time, get to know your classmates, and have fun! Statistics show that students who regularly attend (at least one a week) SI sessions perform better in class.

How It Works

  • A trained SI Leader, approved by the course instructor, is assigned to your course to help you develop a deeper understanding of difficult course concepts
  • The leader holds weekly interactive and collaborative study sessions for you to work in small groups with your classmates
  • You'll engage in critical thinking to analyze and make connections with difficult concepts
  • Your leader will share effective study strategies to help you learn and engage in fun and effective learning activities with your classmates
  • SI is an environment where you can make mistakes/be confused and learn from it
  • You can compare notes and share study tips with your classmates
  • Session mainly focus on the most challenging concepts from the week’s lecture
  • Attendance is voluntary so you can drop-in any time but regular attendance is shown to be the most effective in improving your academic performance
Note: SI sessions are subject to change at any time if attendance is low.