Academic Support Programs

Discover your Learning Potential

Thrive and Not Just Survive

We want to help our CU Denver students in adding to their study skill toolboxes. Our Academic Support Programs are designed to help students evaluate their current study skills, hear about new learning strategies, and help readjust their study schedules. We believe everyone can learn and thrive in any course, and these programs are dedicated to helping you achieve your academic goals.


Academic Reboot 

Academic Reboot is a new series of workshops designed to support CU Denver students as they navigate college learning and explore beyond their degree. Focusing on key topics found to be the most beneficial, this series will offer insightful academic recovery skills for students who are not meeting their own academic expectations.

By utilizing these workshops, students will be able to take a step back and adjust to the rigors of higher education, learn the importance of self-care and wellness management, and develop plans for academic success. Sign up today so you can refresh, refine, and reboot your semester.

Student Success Seminar

Your success is important to all of us at CU Denver and we have a lot of resources that can help you reach your academic goals. We also understand that it can be difficult to find the right resources to meet your needs, especially when you are struggling. Being on probation is serious; however, it doesn’t necessarily reflect your future academic potential or ability. That’s why the CU Denver Learning Resources Center is offering a two-day Student Success Seminar to help you fully understand your current probation status and what led to it. Upon completion, you will gain the tools and insight to help you achieve academic and personal success.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to better understand what actually motivates you to be a successful student and gain the ability to register for the upcoming semester.


  • This course is intended for students who are on academic probation and/or are in jeopardy of being restricted to 6 hours of coursework at CU Denver due to restricted probation. If you choose to fully participate you will earn the option to enroll in 12 credit hours (full time) at CU Denver for the next semester.
  • Students who choose to participate and who are restricted to enrolling in 6 credit hours due to probationary status must attend and actively participate in the entire seminar to earn the option to enroll in 12 credit hours of coursework (full time) at CU Denver for the next semester.
  • It is extremely important that you make an appointment with your academic advisor now to make sure you have met any/all additional requirements outlined by your school/college regarding your eligibility to enroll.
  • Please note, the Student Success Seminar structure is evolving. The information above might not reflect changing policies or processes. Please contact for more information.