Intense Preparation (I-Prep)

Brush Up on Your Skills

Refresh Your Memory

Has it been awhile since you took chemistry? Are your math skills a little rusty? Don't worry, most people struggle to remember everything about a subject when they've been out of practice. But thanks to the Learning Resources Center (LRC), there's no need to struggle. Intense Preparation (I-Prep) can get you up to speed and ready to jump back in before the semester starts.

Registration is required. Don't wait, seats are limited! Register online via Navigate.

Review Core Concepts

Any currently enrolled, fee-paying student can attend these preparation sessions. I-Prep will focus on core knowledge areas and key concepts to maximize your success. They take place the weeks before the semester starts and are meant for students who plan to take the course in the near future.

Taught by Certified Tutors and SILs

Internationally certified LRC tutors and Supplemental Instruction Leaders (SIL) instruct these sessions. The content and materials are prepared in collaboration with and approved by the CU Denver instructors that teach these courses. If you know you'll be taking CHEM 1000 or CHEM 2031, we recommend you sign up for I-Prep. Additionally, I-Prep can get you ready for the General Chemistry Assessment Test (GCAT).

The Specifics of I-Prep

  • Work with peers to learn key concepts, complete practice problems similar to those in class
  • Solidify your understanding of foundational knowledge so you feel ready to take the course
  • Build transferable study strategies
  • Gain needed math skills
  • Practice using scientific calculators
  • Receive additional course-related materials to reference throughout the semester
  • Meet classmates, opportunity to form study groups