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An Internationally Certified Training Program

Setting Professional Standards for Student Tutors

Learning Resources Center (LRC) tutoring services are internationally certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC). The certification sets international standards for tutoring services, including program administration, specialized training, evaluation, and leadership development to ensure that all tutors are trained in the most effective tutoring methods.

Become Internationally Certified

The LRC offers student tutors a comprehensive training program where they can qualify to earn their international certification at three levels, Regular, Advanced, and Master. The program provides tutors with international standards on applicable learning theories, best research-based practices and strategies, and hands-on leadership/professional development and personal growth opportunities.


  • Allows student tutors to receive recognition and positive reinforcement for their work from an international organization
  • Provides students with hands-on leadership development and personal growth opportunities
  • Excellent resume builder
  • Enhances the Learning Resources Center's tutoring program credibility for CU Denver students and administrators

Reviewer's Comments about Our Program

From the International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC):

  • “This program has the most aggressive training schedule I have seen. The number of training courses offered is impressive.”
  • “Superb program. Well thought out, and extremely comprehensive. One of the best I have reviewed."
  • “Well-established program with strong commitment to professional growth. Focus on impact of training beyond time spent within the program.”
  • “Good variety of topics and opportunities for tutors to match personal/professional interests with program needs.”

Join Our Team of Student Tutors

The Learning Resources Center is always searching for qualified CU Denver, CU Boulder, CU Anschutz, and MSU Denver student tutors. We're currently hiring for several different areas of study.

Job Description

LRC tutors provide academic support and mentoring to CU Denver students.

  • Assist students with study strategies, organization of materials, critical-thinking skills, and course-content comprehension
  • Facilitate students' learning progress by critically discussing course material
  • Promote an interactive and collaborative learning experience

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