Living Learning Communities

What are Living Learning Communities?

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are structured learning environments that integrate academic and residential experiences. LLCs focus on shared academic and cocurricular learning experiences for students living together in a residence hall. They help unify a student’s living experience with their learning experience by bringing a student’s academic work to life through residential programming and experiential curriculum. City Heights is home to two living learning communities both with a major-specific focus for students in the College of Arts and Media and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Why Choose a Living Learning Community?

Research has shown that students who participate in an LLC:

  • Create their own supportive peer networks that extend beyond the classroom
  • Become more involved in both in-class and out-of-class activities
  • Spend more time and effort on academic and other educationally related activities
  • Tend to earn higher grades
  • Report feeling more connected to their community, professors, and residence hall staff
  • Report an increased overall satisfaction with their college experience