Second-Year Experiences

Was your first year at CU Denver not what you expected? Are you looking to get connected and engaged? Didn't have a chance to take an FYE course in your fall semester? Don't worry, we've got you covered. 

Spring 2022 FYE Courses

Open to all first-year and transfer students who were admitted during the 2020 and 2021 academic years, these courses include all of the benefits and program pieces of FYE built into the curriculum. The best part? These all apply towards your degree! Check out the courses below and talk with your advisor to make sure you choose the class that's right for you:

Spring 2022 FYE Course Offerings

Fall 2021 Second-Year Experience Program Options

We understand that sometimes your schedule can be tight. That's why we have a variety of program options for you this fall semester in case you can't join us in class in Spring 2022. Check out our other second-year experience programs below! 

Second-Year Interest Groups (SIGs)

SIGs are meet up groups for second-year students around topics of interest.  It’s a great way to connect with other second-year students around a fun topic! We are running two this fall, sign up at the links below (you may be asked to login at the link):

Emerging Leaders Certificate Program with Student Life 

Emerging Leaders Certificate is for students interested in 1) exploring and expanding their understanding of leadership and 2) practicing their leadership skills through community service. Students will gain an understanding of "socially responsible leadership" and the Social Change Model of Leadership through the program. 

Be sure to register for the Emerging Leaders Certificate here.

Second-Year Academic Success Series Workshops (SASS Workshops)

Hosted by the Learning Resource Center, this free workshop will help you get off to a great start for the year. Join the LRC in the new Learning Commons Building (right next to the City Heights Residence Hall and Student Commons) in room 2230.

Please click here to view our Fall 2021 SASS Workshop Schedule.

For questions about the workshops, please email the LRC at . 

Second-Year Experience Calendar

In addition to our Spring 2022 FYE courses and our ongoing workshops and SIGs, we also have a variety of events we put on during the fall semester that are open to both first-year students, transfer students, and our second-year students as well. Please check out our Fall 2021 Second-Year Experience Calendar for more information and to find an event that interests you!