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Question 5

​​In this course, the instructor:


 Effectively fostered student engagement.


 Explore the research on engaging learners and student motivation.


 Connect learning to student interests and lives.

  • ​When possible, use authentic, real-world contexts​ and problems to which the students can relate​.
  • Help students understand how your course learning outcomes are related to their future career, personal, and community-based goals, it’s important to make this connection explicit. Embedding Career Guidance in Course
  • Interview your students; Give assignments that allow students to share their experiences and interests; Structure specific class discussions that let individual students be the center of attention.   

 Provide students with some choice and control.

  • If there are some optional topics in the course, have students vote on which ones to include.
  • Let students choose the topic for a project or assignment.
  • Provide students with options​ of how they express their learning.
  • Experiment with giving students a menu of options​ about which assignment to complete  

 Show your own interest and enthusiasm for the subject.

  • ​Tell students how you became interested in your discipline. Explain your career path.
  • Spend some time in class talking about your most recent research project.
  • Listen to this Cult of Pedagogy podcast interview with James Sturtevant, author of "You've Got to Connect."

 Help students develop a sense that they can master the material.

  • Communicate clear learning goals by sharing course learning outcomes and creating transparent ​assignments.​
  • Express to students your confidence that they can master the material.
  • Create assignments and activities that are challenging, but doable.
  • Build in early success and ramp up the difficulty.
  • Help students become more autonomous learners by scaffolding their learning.
  • Use classroom assessment techniques to provide regular feedback that gives students a clear sense of how well they are mastering the material.
  • Point out to students how much they have learned.
  • Use these videos on metacognition to provide students with specific advice on how they can improve their learning. 


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