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Question 4

​​In this course, the instructor:


 Provided feedback on my work that helped me improve my performance.


 Use frequent low-stakes/no-stakes assessment in the classroom.


 Establish clear written peformance standards.


 Encourage students to reflect on their performance.

  • ​Use assignment wrappers and exam wrappers which help students analyze their performance and create a plan to address their deficiencies.
  • Explore these examples of exam wrappers in a variety of disciplines.
  • Ask students to conduct peer reviews​​ of one another's work.
  • Try using the Minute Paper Template for immediate feedback ​

 Teach students about metacognition and growth mindset.

  • Help students learn how to learn by teaching them about metacognition.  This series of short videos by Dr. Stephen Chew will help.
  • Encourage students to develop a growth mindset, a belief that their most basic abilities can be developed.
  • Explore useful resources that can be used during class to encourage students to incorporate Learning to Learn strategies​ in their studies 

 Set high standards and articulate your confidence that students can achieve them.



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