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Question 2

​​In this course the instructor:


 Clearly explained learning goals throughout the semester.


 Create transparent assignments and activities.

  • Learn more about transparent assignments and their benefits​.
  • Create a purpose statement for your assignments/activities which explains why students are completing the task, what they will learn, and why the assignment is relevant to the class of their lives.
  • Describe what you expect students to do and explain how they should do it.
  • Provide students with clear criteria on which their performance will be judged.
  • Provide students with examples of excellent and not-so-excellent work.​

 Write student-centered learning outcomes.

  • Describe the work that students will be expected to do.
  • Include your course learning outcomes on your syllabus and talk about them in class.
  • Explore the value of course-level learning outcomes.
  • Be inspired by this list of sample learning outcomes​ from a variety of course.
  • Create observable and actionable outcomes using these verbs.
  • Use the CFD self-paced tutorial on Assessment and Instructional Alignment​ to learn how to write outcomes and alignn them with your assessments and activities.

 Create developmental outcomes and assignments: Build from foundational to higher order thinking.


 Align learning outcomes with course readings, activities, and assignments.



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