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Question 16

In this course, I was encouraged to:


 Consider diverse perspectives


 Deepen your own understanding of why including diverse scholars on your syllabus is important.

  • Ask yourself, "who is represented in my syllabus?" "whose voices are included or excluded?" "who are students being exposed to as producers of knowledge?" "what narratives and experiences are being centered?"
  • ​Understand the research and be ready to articulate the benefits of inclusive teaching practices: here
  • Consider moves you can make during the design phase of your course that can help you create a more equitable and inclusive learning experience 



 With a heightened awareness of the importance of this work, move forward with the selection of specifics actions you will take to strengthen an inclusive classroom environment abound.

 In the wake of incidents of hate, bias and discrimination on campus or in the wider community, be ready to respond.

Examine strategies for navigating difficult conversations in the classroom.  and


Rely on proven strategies to assist you in responding to hate speech on campus and in the classroom


 Reflect on your role as the instructor in the classroom

o    University of Michigan Center for Research on Teaching and Learning

o    Reflecting on your Practice: Applying Inclusive Teaching Practices


o    Faculty of Color often experience racial battle fatigue, engaging in radical self-care is crucial to your ability to teach in the classroom

o    Kerry Ann Roquemore, Radical Self-Care, Inside Higher Ed, May 6, 2015




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