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Question 11


 Connect my learning to “real world” issues or life experiences.


 Connect course learning and course material to students’ career or other long-term goals


 Ensure that your course content is representative of diverse reading, resources, materials, and diverse societal perspectives.

  • Pair theoretical readings with more applied, praxis-focused, or vernacular ones.
  • Consult with staff at the Auraria Library "Diversify Your Syllabi"


 Reinforce a topic by making connections to real-world examples and current socio-cultural, political events and/or debates.

  • Use Think-Pair-Share for discussion and thought. 
  • Use Analytic Teams for problem-solving and analysis.
  • Pose a problem/prompt that asks students for application in a local, national, or global context. 
  • Share your own personal experience/narrative in relation to course material to illustrate application.


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