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July 2021

Department Name: Office of Medical Education


The department is in the midst of launching a new curriculum starting with the incoming students in July. The new curriculum, from my point of view and this is only my point of view, based on over twenty years of corporate experiences and training which they promoted and made available to us on a consistent basis before I came to the university, is such a smarter way to teach by giving students more opportunities in the beginning of their journey of becoming a doctor to actually get experiences early on before they start testing to see where they are in the learning process enabling the students to actually see for themselves how they are learning and what they need to do to improve with check points built in and resources already established and aligned at certain points. The idea is to learn early on, and not have to try to memorize so much data creating the possibility of medical students actually enjoying what they are learning and not being so stressed out. Some stress is going to come with the territory of becoming a doctor or any other profession. It's the unnecessary stress that needs to be controlled and that is what I believe this new curriculum is going to deliver! A win-win for everyone! Sincerely, Deborah Stevens


Department Name: Phoenix Center at Auraria (PCA)


The PCA is the tri-institutional interpersonal violence advocacy center, managed under the CU Denver Health & Wellness area within student success. The PCA staff have been incredibly creative this past year in their efforts to call attention to interpersonal violence and many societal factors that contribute to violence. Most notably, they received national recognition by an organization known as Pretty Progressive, a website dedicated to feminist and anti-racist work. Pretty Progressive recently named the Phoenix Cast on its list of Top 20 Anti-Racist Podcasts of 2021. This could not have been accomplished without the leadership and hosting of the PCA's Violence Prevention Education Coordinator, Em Alves and Director Megan Cullen. The PCA has produced 43 episodes of their podcast this year! I am so proud of the work they have accomplished in this space.

The podcast is accessible via the PCA website, https://www.thepca.org/phoenix-cast.