Staff inclusive Excellence Committee


​​The Staff Inclusive Excellence Committee (SIEC) is an ad hoc committee of the CU Denver | Anschutz Staff Council, created in 2018.


  • To better integrate the existing efforts related to diversity/inclusion within the University system
  • To create innovative initiatives that have not been addressed
  • To better empower persons who do not identify as the social majority
  • To develop advocates for their own professional well-being and career development
We hope that you'll join us!  Please email one of the committee chairs if you are interested, or have any questions about the SIEC.

Current co-chairs:

Diversity data


Diversity within Executive Leadership at CU Denver


Diversity within Executive Leadership at CU Anschutz


Diversity among all employees at CU Denver


Diversity among all employees at CU Anschutz

Four Aims Defined By Group

  1. Develop a connected university culture
  2. Provide education to learn about Diversity and Inclusion
  3. Build leadership skills and capacity
  4. Ensure collaboration and strengthen relationships

Plan of Action

Currently comprised of 43 members across Denver and Anschutz, the Staff Inclusive Committee meets once a month to further the four aims. Each aim will have their own subcommittee to help develop initiative.

Next Steps

  • Development of robust mentoring program
  • Hosting educational symposiums
  • Maximizing opportunities to network/expand existing volunteer and leadership opportunities