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Raul's Report

​Culture of collaboration 

I don’t know about you, but I’m already anxiously looking forward to May 31 and our Student Affairs Conference: Creating a Culture of Collaboration. We’ll focus on teamwork in the workplace and learn about the many ways we can build our team dynamic within the division to elevate the services we provide our students.
Wellness Center teamwork

One example of teamwork and collaboration within the division and well beyond is our new CU Denver Student Wellness Center. Conceived and promoted by student leaders, supported by the division and university leadership, approved by a student vote and ultimately approved by the University of Colorado Board of Regents, the center is truly evidence of what can be accomplished when we all team up and work together.

Construction update

Have you stopped by the construction site recently? Actually, the walls are going up so quickly, you don’t even need to get close, you can spot the steady growth of the new building from all the way across campus. I’ve stood in the middle of the locker rooms and the pool’s already in!

Culture of wellness 

Not only that, but even before the physical space is ready, the center’s Executive Director Amber Long is already bringing a new emphasis on wellness to our campus community. I was thrilled to see how many staff members took on, and benefitted from Amber’s lunch hour 30-Day Wellness Challenge at the beginning of the year, and her weekly Wellness Wednesday Yoga sessions in the Student Commons Building have been a big hit.

Amber and the center offer us all the opportunity to focus on our workplace wellness in addition to our own personal wellness. Whether it’s fitness activities with coworkers over the lunch hour, nurturing workplace relationships or sharing healthy snacks, there are many ways we can team up for better individual and office health and we’re lucky to have Amber to guide us.

Team effort

So much has been achieved with the wellness center project in just a few short years and I’m totally in awe of the teamwork it represents. A lot of people said a Student Wellness Center at CU Denver wouldn’t happen, but we just said ‘watch us!’ The center is proof that big things can happen when people come together.

Invitation to join me

Which brings me back to our May conference and its focus on creating a culture of collaboration. I’d like to personally invite each and every one of you to register now and plan to join me for this full day of professional development and team building. Even better, plan to participate in the day as a presenter. Each one of us has plenty of team building skills in our professional toolkit that would benefit our colleagues and I encourage you to submit a presentation proposal to the program committee before April 18. All the details and the submission form are waiting for you online.

Go team!

Taking a day to focus on our teams will help us build stronger relationships and identify new opportunities for collaboration as we strive to provide our students with the most ideal university experience possible.

Besides, the conference is a lot of fun!

I’m looking forward to seeing you May 31.


Raul Cardenas, PhD, Vice Chancellor, CU Denver | Anschutz Division of Student Affairs


Please contact Bonnie Hixson​ to schedule a time to meet​​​

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