Safe Return Weekly Update

July 16, 2020 @  2:54 p.m.

Our safe return to campus continues this week with an update on events and activities, results from a staff survey, a recap of the Fall 2020 Information Webinar for students, and more.

Events & Activities Application Update
Due to the need to prioritize limited space on campus this year for academic classes, all in-person activities/events are being approved and scheduled centrally for the 2020-21 academic year. All requests to host an in-person, non-academic activity will go through a new centralized approval process that applies to all on-campus events and activities, whether during normal business hours or during evenings and weekends, and applies to all spaces whether indoor or outdoor, whether typically roomed through the EMS system or otherwise, and in both CU Denver- and AHEC-managed spaces.

At this time, no CU Denver-sponsored events or activities that are non-academic in nature may be held at off-campus locations unless specifically authorized by the chancellor. For questions on the process, please contact

Staff Survey Results
Nearly 700 staff members responded to the staff survey on returning to campus this fall. The responses are being analyzed for data findings and implications for campus action. Results will be shared when the analysis is complete. The following points were pulled from the preliminary findings:

  • 72% of respondents agree that their colleagues are likely to follow safety instructions, but just 28% agree that students and other visitors are likely to do so. Removing people who will not comply with safety instructions from campus is seen as the most effective way to get everyone to follow safety instructions.
  • 31% of respondents have children living with them. More than three-quarters of all parents are at least moderately concerned about school and daycare scheduling affecting their ability to work; 34% of parents are extremely concerned.
  • 55% of respondents typically used public transportation to get to work prior to the pandemic. Respondents expressed concerns about the safety and availability of public transportation and the cost of downtown parking in the fall.

Staff Unit Return Plans
So far, 27 units have submitted safe return plans for the fall that detail which units will be returning to on-campus work and the safety precautions that will be taken. All plans are reviewed by university leadership and the Campus Safety Committee, and units will complete detailed space usage plans with the Office of Institutional Planning. If your unit has not yet submitted a safe return plan, please do so as soon as possible. View a guide for creating a safe return plan. Requests for Access

An online form process to manage faculty, staff, and student requests for access to buildings is underway. The process is expected to be rolled out next week.

Student and Parent Forum on Fall Semester
Fall 2020 Information Webinar for students and parents took place July 14, featuring a panel of seven experts who addressed questions on fall semester classes, course format, safety protocols, student life, and more. Roughly 1,000 students and parents registered for the virtual event. View the full webinar below.

Building Signage
Each unit, school, and college should determine what signage it needs for its respective areas (excluding common/building areas). Signage packages are available, and custom signage addressing specific needs is the responsibility of the unit, school, or college. For questions, contact