This has been a turbulent and chaotic time in Colorado, our nation and around the world. As the University of Colorado Denver reacts to this fast-moving situation, we are enormously grateful for the dedication, the high standards and above-and-beyond care demonstrated by our faculty, staff and students.  Shown below are observations from our campus community who reported students, staff and/or faculty that took extraordinary measures to help maintain business operations, assist students and staff in transition, and ensure the safety of all of us at the university. If you would like to recognize others in the campus community, please fill out the CU Denver COVID-19 Recognition Form.

These are incredibly difficult times, and our Budget Office colleagues have been working around the clock to see us through as in tact as possible so that we can continue to deliver on our mission to the students we serve. They have been creative and compassionate in their approach, committed to the well-being of the entire campus community and carrying that heavy burden with little to show for it at times. I thank them for not giving up, for caring about equity and for doing their part as we must all do ours to get through this together to better days ahead. I am so proud to be a Lynx and so grateful for this Budget team that has worked countless hours behind the scenes to do the best by our community as possible. Thank you!

Rana Tarkento, Office of Strategic Impact

During this unprecedented time requiring a LOT of creativity, Kelly and the Commencement team created a memorable experience for our graduates! A big shout-out to the team for working so hard to coordinate such a massive and meaningful event for our students and their families:
3,000 viewers watched the live event and has 9,700 views on Facebook (at least!) What an awesome turn-out and we send you a big air high-five for your success!

Sarah Buller, Office of Strategic Impact

A huge thank you to our instructional design team who worked tirelessly (and continue to do so) to make sure faculty had the tools and training they needed to transition into remote learning. This was an amazing team effort and they made an incredible difference with our faculty and student experience! THANK YOU Jason Drysdale and all of the team!

Samantha Moreno, Office of Digital Education

KelsiMiles (Peer Advocate Leaders (PAL) Coordinator) goes above and beyond as a boss. She could just be our boss and make sure that we get our work done. But week after week, she checks in with all of her staff. Making sure that above being an employee we are doing okay as humans. Even if that means we cry together, or laugh together. I'm very thankful for her.

Skylar Vernell | Peer Advocate Leaders

Jaime Ingrisano has consistently been checking in with Student Government members to make sure we doing okay during this time and has found ways for us to continue supporting the student body. Having her during this time has been a bright spot that made me feel like things can get better.

Sofia Shappell | College of Arts & Media


Martina and her team (Lynx Center )  have quickly adapted to fielding calls remotely while being short-staffed. Martina, as a leader, cares deeply about the people on her team and fills in to take calls so that her staff can step-away. She is committed and deeply compassionate, caring for others including our students. Thank you, Martina for the care you bring to your work every day and supporting your team beyond expectations during this bizarre time!

Sarah Buller, Office of Strategic Impact

Our team has been working hard to care for our faculty during this time of significant disruption and change. When the announcement came that campus was closing, we had put into place a structure and range of services to ensure that faculty got the help and guidance they needed for the rapid move to remote teaching & learning. These included coordinating a website full of in-house developed resources for online and remote teaching, drop-in consultations on demand, scheduled 1-on-1 consultations, webinars, rapid development of new resources, and coordination/participation in remote teaching initiatives across the campus.

Through March and early April, we offered 21 webinars with 1453 total registrants, held 75 one-on-one consultations, and had 34 faculty go through our Online Skills Mastery (OSM) Foundations course. For summer, we have expanded consultation opportunities to be focused on either pedagogy/design or technology/media, continue to offer weekly webinars, and are offering a bootcamp version of OSM with 100 available seats for faculty who are moving their courses fully online.

All of this work was above the day-to-day work my team does, which focuses on the design and development of new or redesigned online programs. That workload represents around 15 degrees in varying states of collaborative design and development, plus trainings and consultations tailored to the needs of each specific department. Our jobs essentially doubled in the last two months--and my incredibly hard-working, kind, and brilliant colleagues rose to and exceeded that challenge. They have done a truly remarkable job of leading through compassion, empathy, selflessness, and presence--being there for people when they need it most. This recognition would be a wonderful way to honor my incredible team, and I appreciate the opportunity to share a bit about our story from the last several weeks.

Jason Drysdale | Office of Digital Education


In the crisis we are managing through, Administration and the Dean's of the various school's and colleges by necessity has to work much more closely and regularly.

Without question Chris Puckett (
Managing Associate University Counsel) has been the lynch pin and glue that has held all of us together. Most every day he guides us through meetings making it move along and tie together. Most importantly he is essential to how we get things done during, before and after these events. I can also always email or text him and know I will get an actionable answer, even when that seems impossible. Chris is the one holding holding it all together and moving us forward.

Gary Colbert | Faculty - CU Denver Business School

It is always great to know that I can go to Kathryn Robinson (Marketing Professional at CU Denver Business School) for any of my marketing needs, and I have appreciated the articles and newsletters she has put together during these difficult times. She is very cognizant of what is going on around us, and I am grateful that she takes all of that into account when sending information out to students. She is so approachable, and always willing to help. Thank you, Kathryn!

Kaitlin LaFlamme | Student - CU Denver Business School

The faculty within School of Public Affairs (SPA) are so caring and are constantly checking up on their students. Jack Reed, Nora Scanlon, and Melissa Tackett-Gibson have been accommodating and willing to speak with their students about anything. I feel like they truly care.

Noelle Romero | School of Public Affairs - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Hans and Eric have kept the energy and collaborative benefits of the Senior Thesis class going despite the circumstances. They are constantly checking in with students to make sure both them and their projects are going well, invited guest speakers to help students navigate the industry once this is over, and most of all they've stayed engaged with us. Getting to zoom with them twice a week and talk about things like we would in class has made this time so much easier to manage. They gave me hope during this time.

Sofia Shappell | College of Arts & Media

Since COVID hit, Rana has been a helping champion, going waaaay above and beyond supporting her teammates and colleagues which has led to a sense of true "team", enhanced communication and continued momentum, even as moving forward means moving into unknown territory. Rana demonstrates kindness, compassion, deep care for others, commitment to the well-being of our students and university community, humor and perspective. Rana has been wearing many hats these days, but the one hat she has always worn and never takes off is "Superstar". Thanks, Rana for being such a wonderful colleague, leader and friend!

Sarah Buller, Office of Strategic Impact