END Violence

END violence is a youth-centered program designed to empower K-12 schools to create enduring, systemic change so that ALL children feel safe, welcome and supported.

We work with participating partner schools to ensure specialized training for staff members and a range of services for child and youth survivors is in place in order to establish and maintain a culture of non-violence in schools and communities.

Our program helps schools:

  • Develop a response team to take on the issue of gender-based violence.
  • Provide therapeutic support for students, parents/caretakers, and school staff.
  • Create an effective and sustainable intervention system for victim/survivors of gender-based violence.
  • Understand the ramifications of gender-based violence at whatever developmental stages are most appropriate for each school.
  • Identify behaviors indicative of exposure to gender-based violence and learn appropriate responses for dealing with it.
  • Be prepared for crisis situations and create an environment where people feel comfortable intervening.
  • Facilitate access to intervention services for victims and prevention education services for all students.

END Violence staff work with schools to develop procedures that align with their unique school district policy. Teachers and others who interact with students use scenarios to practice effective ways to recognize and confront behaviors and circumstances that may manifest as a result of students’ exposure to gender-based violence.

Training on gender-based violence is provided to all school personnel and a multi-disciplinary team is developed and supported with additional training.

Team members build skills for domestic and sexual violence response that they can maintain and teach others over time. END Violence staff guides each team to develop school-wide, trauma-informed policies and protocols that will support a sustainable model of response.

Group and individual therapeutic support is provided for students and their non-offending parents/caregivers and school counselors are encouraged to join as a means of gaining experience serving child abuse survivors.

END Violence staff also reach out to parents and local businesses surrounding the school in order to cultivate an informed and trauma-sensitive community of anti-violence support for children.

Students receive help, challenging behaviors are minimized, and the educational environment is enhanced for everyone.