A Unique Educational Experience

As the first graduate program of its kind in the country, the Program on Gender-Based Violence at the University of Colorado Denver serves a national audience with a unique course curriculum that combines online learning with intensive periods of residential study.


Cohort Experience

Students are accepted into the Program on Gender-based Violence (PGV) twice a year as a group, taking courses together and participating in organized activities featuring local practitioners and national experts.


Purpose of the cohort model:

  • Relationship Building
    Gender-based violence is a unique and demanding field. We help you build a supportive personal and professional network to rely on throughout your degree program and your career.
  • Enhanced Learning
    Real world exposure can push you to the next level. We enable you to explore the practical applications of what you are learning in the classroom; travel to domestic violence shelter, visit the state legislature to watch policy being made and talk to people who are already working within the field.


What is an Intensive

PGV courses are structured as hybrids; meaning they include both an in-person and an online component. A week prior to the start of each fall and spring (August and January) semester, students meet for five days of intensive study in Denver, CO. These intensives incorporate guest lecturers, multimedia presentations and small group exercises.

Intensives utilize a team-teaching approach to integrate course materials. Teams may include PGV faculty, guest speakers and the cohort facilitator.

A Distinguished Guest Presenter is selected to join the teaching team for each intensive to deepen the learning for that session.

In addition to the formal course and guest presentations, each intensive includes a variety of cohort sessions.

Cohort sessions provide an opportunity to build skills and have critical conversation in significant topic areas, such as:

  • Leadership
  • Organizational Management
  • Policy Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Designed to enhance administrative focus in the PGV, these sessions allow students to discuss the implications of gender-based violence as they relate to policy, management and criminal justice. Cohort sessions also promote the use of field trips, critical debate and group projects.


We Are Multidisciplinary

The dynamics of gender-based violence are complicated and deeply rooted in our beliefs as a society. For that reason, no one discipline has the answers for bringing violence to an end. The Center on Domestic Violence, therefore, takes a multidisciplinary approach to the PGV curriculum. Courses are offered from sociological, psychological, law, policy and social change perspectives.


We Are Stronger Together

It is our strong belief that a network of support can fortify students throughout their careers, facilitating professional growth and making leadership positions more sustainable. The length and intensity of face-to-face sessions builds trusting bonds.

The PGV has been structured to include informal meeting time so students can talk to presenters and other participating community members in order to explore topics more deeply and build mutually beneficial relationships.

Participants stay connected in a variety of ways, from Facebook groups to class discussions and monthly video conference check-ins.

As part of the cohort experience, we invite guest presenters who are involved in groundbreaking gender-based violence work to spend a couple days with our students and host a full-day workshop.

This part of the cohort experience is also open to the public. See Our Community Education Series Guest Presenters for 2020



The PGV draws applicants from across the globe. In order to make participation in the program as easy as possible for both in and out of state students, the Center has created a course option that includes hotel and meal plan arrangements.

Classes meet in a room at the same hotel where students and guests are housed.

Transportation to any off-site activities is provided by the Center. Cost of living accommodations are incorporated into the course tuition rate, making it easier to use financial aid to pay for these expenses.

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Admission Requirements

Admission requirements vary depending on your course of study. All students must complete an application on the UC Denver School of Public Affairs website and meet with the Director of the Center on Domestic Violence for an entrance interview (email the CDV Director).

Learn more about application requirements.


Sample Syllabi

The Program on Gender-based Violence is comprised of a series of four courses. Links to recent syllabi for these courses are provided below.



The Program on Gender-Based Violence is a certified WICHE (Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education) program.

Students moving to Colorado to attend the PGV from any of WICHE’s 15 western member states, U.S. Pacific Territories and Freely-Associated States may qualify to pay the in-state tuition rate.

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