Transforming Leadership Through Education

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We Prepare Individuals to Address Violence at All Levels

The Program on Gender-Based Violence (PGV) was developed in response to an urgent need for educational opportunities to equip practitioners, advocates and allies, working to end violence in our culture, with the tools needed to expertly manage essential resources and advocate for critical changes in public policy.

There are thousands of domestic violence shelter and advocacy programs, sexual assault services and victim service agencies across the nation. To be effective, these organizations need powerful leaders.

Your Potential Is Limitless

Regardless of your present position or area of expertise, we offer concentrated academic studies to help you:

  • Maximize or move into management-level positions
  • Pioneer innovative programming
  • Organize community solutions
  • Advance advocacy

Earn your Graduate Degree Concentration or Certificate.
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Principle outcomes of the PGV:

  • Well-trained leaders and managers for non-profit and public sector organizations and community initiatives working to eliminate gender-based violence.
  • Stable and effective service/advocacy programs that have more options in service provision, reduced staff turnover, and serve as better facilitators for change in their communities.
  • Breakthrough policies and advocacy, and empowered activism informed by quality research.