Engaging Community

Compelling Cultural Change through Service and Training

The Center on Domestic Violence drives creative solutions to the problem of gender-based violence in our society by uniting groups across disciplines and communities. This work is carried out through two primary initiatives - Direct Service, and Training and Technical Assistance.



Direct Service Program

END Violence is our primary direct service program. Developed in partnership with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the School of Education and Behavioral Health at CU Denver, the program aims to build the capacity of K-12 schools to respond effectively to the needs of young people who experience domestic and sexual violence. We use this program to nurture trauma-informed learning environments for all students.

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We work closely with experts in the gender-based violence community to provide leading-edge training, technical assistance and forums that:

  • unite researchers, practitioners, advocates and others engaged in anti-violence work.
  • enhance knowledge and forge alliances across a wide spectrum of organizations and individuals in the field.
  • advance critical thinking, clear analysis and creativity, for a broad cross-section of practitioners working with people who are experiencing gender-based violence.
  • increase the stability of programs and enhance their capacity to prevent violence.

We focus on three primary areas:

These areas reflect our strong commitment to collaboration as a means of achieving and sustaining cultural change. We believe it is critically important to work with youth and that strong youth leadership will help us end gender-based violence.

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