Determined to End Gender-Based Violence

In order to shape a future free from gender-based violence, we must eradicate the values and beliefs in our culture that allow aggression to thrive. We are training the next generation of social justice leaders. As society evolves, so do we.


Innovation to End Violence Worldwide

The Center on Domestic Violence at the University of Colorado Denver, works vigilantly to modernize programming and design new strategies to support service professionals.

It is our goal to:

  1. Create Leaders
    We empower students and practitioners with the tools to eliminate intimate partner violence in our society.
  2. Advance Research
    We cultivate innovative inquiry that propels the work of domestic violence professionals forward.
  3. Nurture Collaboration
    We unite people and communities across disciplines to create cutting-edge strategies for change.


  • Widespread incorporation of gender-based violence information into the academic curriculum used to train professionals who are likely to encounter survivors of gender-based violence or their children.
  • Regular use of evidence-based research on gender-based violence by service providers, policy-makers and advocates in order to provide effective responses to victim/survivors, prevent future incidents, and advance promising solutions to the root causes of gender-based violence.
  • Well-trained leaders and managers for nonprofit and public-sector organizations working to stop gender-based violence.
  • Stable programs, more options in service provision, and organizations that are agents for change in their communities.
  • Gender-based violence service provision, policymaking and advocacy, that directly confronts the social norms that enable gender-based violence.


To end gender-based violence by fostering institutional and social change through leadership development, education, research, service and community collaboration.


As of June 2019, the Center has:

  • Provided graduate level education for more than 200 leaders, managers and advocates through the Program on Gender-Based Violence.
  • Trained over 4,500 advocates, service providers and policy makers through an annual Community Education Series.
  • Served greater than 18,000 students in 43 high-need public schools in Colorado through the Center’s END Violence Project, enhancing the capacity of those schools to identify and respond to the needs of young people who witness violence in the home.
  • Facilitated workshops, symposia and forums, engaging approximately 550 researchers and practitioners in sharing research, initiating collaborations and building networks.
  • Delivered training and technical assistance on leadership, organizational management and the development of collaborative strategies for change, to approximately 390 campuses and direct service organizations a year.
  • Received the prestigious 2008 Celebrating Solutions Award from the Mary Byron Foundation for innovative efforts in addressing the root causes of violence against women.
  • Been recognized as one of the top 10 sponsorship earning programs at the University of Colorado Denver for three years running.