Faculty Fellow for International Faculty 

The University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus Center for Faculty Development and Advancement (CFDA) seeks a Faculty Fellow to help with the development and hosting of seminars that support international faculty members and raise awareness about the unique experiences and challenges of international faculty members, particularly those of women.

The Faculty Fellow (FF) will work closely with the Golden Compass Program Director and the Assistant Director of the CFDA to develop a series of workshops that address crucial concerns of international faculty in the areas of equity, inclusion, career advancement and leadership. The Golden Compass program was established by Dr. Jieun Lee and three other women geospatial scientists with international backgrounds. It supports international women faculty at US Institutions of Higher Education by striving to build a strong community based on the unique experiences of international women faculty and their intersectional challenges. It seeks to empower individuals to reach their full potential as instructors, scholars and leaders through workshops and networking. These workshops will also provide a basis for campus-wide conversations about the experiences of international faculty in our university environment.

The FF will help develop these workshops and as well as programing for native-born faculty members to raise awareness of the issues facing international faculty. The FF will have one-on-one conversations with international faculty on our campus and help form a community of practice. The FF will also have the freedom to develop creative new resources for supporting international faculty. 

Essential Requirements for the Position

  • Must be a current full-time faculty member on the Denver Campus
  • Aid and support the CFDA in the development, implementation, and evaluation of CFDA goals related to supporting international faculty members.  
  • Provide leadership for strategic professional development programming, in collaboration with the CFDA team, aligned with the Center’s strategic plan and beliefs about diversity, equity and inclusion.  
  • Model strong and effective collaboration, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.
  • Work effectively with and support diverse faculty populations.

Potential Projects for this Position

Some projects that this Faculty Fellow may focus on are:

  • Hosting and developing Golden Compass workshops and meetings.
  • Collaborating with the CFDA to help with creating and facilitating workshops for female faculty with international background, international faculty and for the academic community at large.
  • Developing additional creative offerings that support international faculty and/or raise awareness about their unique experiences and concerns.
  • Collaborating with the Golden Compass Program Director and the CFDA’s Assistant Director to resolve problems and launch new initiatives.

The International Faculty Fellow will also be subject to the benefits and requirements shared by all CFDA Faculty Fellows outlined on the CFDA Faculty Fellows page: https://www.ucdenver.edu/centers/cfda/about-us/faculty-fellows.

Benefits to Participating

  • Annual professional development stipend of $3000.
  • Experience in strategic & creative program development and project management in the areas of faculty advancement and development.
  • Connections with CFDA staff and Faculty Affairs leadership.
  • Additional opportunities to provide leadership in CFDA programming.

Time Requirements

The “International Faculty” Fellow position will require approximately 50 hours of work over the course of each academic year. Time may be distributed differently across fall and spring semesters. Additionally, this Faculty Fellow must:

  • Stay in contact with the CFDA 12 months per year via email.
  • Meet with the Director of the CFDA each semester.

This is a two-year commitment, subject to a successful review at the one-year mark.


The CFDA’s Fellow for International Faculty will receive a $3000 professional development stipend each academic year.

Diversity and Equity

The CFDA welcomes individuals of all identities to apply for this position including all genders, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and individuals of all races and national backgrounds.

To apply

Please send the application materials listed below to Thorsten Spehn at CFDA@ucdenver.edu.

Please apply by April 28, 2023

Application Materials

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter from Applicant Discussing:
    • Your interest in this position
    • How you would approach several of the Potential Projects for this Position listed above
    • Additional examples of programming you might design or provide in this role
    • How you would support a diverse community of faculty through this role
    • Reasons that your experience as a faculty member would serve as a basis for supporting other faculty members’ growth.
  • Letter of support from your Chair or Dean:
    • Your suitability for this role
    • Your broader strengths and potential contributions as a faculty member
    • The chair or dean must also verify your current good standing as a faculty member within your department.

Review Process

Applications will be reviewed by CFDA staff, members of the CFDA Advisory Board, and additional faculty members. Applicants may be asked to attend an in-person or Zoom-based interview for the position. See links for individual Faculty Fellow positions for application review dates.

Estimated Selection and Start Dates

This position will be open until the Faculty Fellow is hired. The CFDA estimates that the hire will take place in May 2023, with a start date in early August 2023.

Questions? Please contact CFDA Assistant Director Thorsten Spehn: thorsten.spehn@ucdenver.edu