First-Year Faculty Experience (FYFE)

Your first year as a new faculty member will bring many opportunities and challenges. The First-Year Faculty Experience (FYFE) provides additional support and development opportunities for new faculty members at CU Denver in order to make the transition comfortable and successful. We’d love for you to join the CFDA's FYFE group.

New Faculty Orientation is a great way to get started and provides much information.  FYFE provides professional development experiences, resources, and networking opportunities for new faculty throughout their first year. The program is available to ALL faculty new to CU Denver. The only cost is your time, and we will ensure that it is well spent.  We’ll also be conscious of your busy schedule. Meetings will be held once per month; for each session, we’ll provide at least two start times in order to accommodate those who teach earlier or later in the day. Here’s a sampling of the participation options for FYFE:


We will meet several times throughout the year to simply hang out (at a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, campus event, etc.)

Learning Sessions

There will be several learning sessions throughout the year, including:

  • Group teaching observation of a class session.
  • Discussions with student support administrators.
  • Discussions with experts on promoting student success.
  • On-demand topics based on participant's needs and feedback.

Upcoming First Year-Faculty Experience Sessions

No events currently scheduled.