Student Course Assistant Program

The Student Course Assistant Program was funded and launched in the Fall of 2020 because of the move to remote learning due to COVID restrictions. The program was created to provide technical support to faculty as they managed Zoom classrooms, requiring additional coordination to transition through the use of Zoom features smoothly.  Additionally, the program seeks to provide opportunities for students to gain professional development experience in virtual education and opportunities for remote work.   

In the fall of 2020, the SCA program supported 8,000 students and 116 faculty

Student Course Assistants provide instructor support in Zoom in the following ways:

  • Manage waiting rooms
  • Take attendance
  • Launch/Manage breakout sessions
  • Run/Manage class polls
  • Manage/read-out chat; record top questions for faculty to answer at the end of class or for next class
  • Manage class recordings
  • Assist with screen-sharing permissions 
  • Share files/resources through chat
  • Help students/faculty troubleshoot tech problems
  • Contact OIT if problems arise
  • Manage zoom security (removing participants, share renaming instructions, muting participants, screen-share restrictions)

The Student Course Assistant program is working to expand and improve remote learning support for faculty to facilitate successful and efficient virtual learning during this time and for future virtual learning needs.

Common Questions: