About Us


Support faculty with the tools necessary to become the best educator and teacher can be and ensure student success. We know student success begins with faculty success, and that's what we do, support faculty to be the best educator they can be.

With a strong commitment to honoring the interconnectedness of teaching and learning, CETL works to foster the use of evidence-based educational strategies that have been demonstrated to foster learning and improve academic outcomes for students. In its initial year (2019-2020), CETL is offering a full calendar of regular professional development opportunities including workshops, communities of practice, book clubs, ACUE credentials, as well as a new Student Course Assistant program, and more.

We provide support to CU Denver faculty looking to better themselves as educators, no matter their experience level. We help lecturers in our vital core courses learn how to master their lecture hall course with hundreds of students, to assisting an expert educator in refining their syllabus to better help students.

Meet our team

Lexie King

Program Assistant

BA Communications
MPH, in progress
Pronouns: She, her, hers