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The Center of Preservation Research’s survey program is dedicated to identifying, researching, recording, evaluating, designating and interpreting the historic buildings and landscapes that surround us, producing detailed written and photographic records. Our goal is to foster an increased understanding and awareness of our built environment. 

Why survey?

  • To gain a better understanding of buildings and landscapes of a community, county or region by identifying defining historic, cultural, aesthetic, and visual characteristics 
  • To create a permanent record of a property’s, community’s or region’s physical and historic characteristics, providing valuable information for future scholars 
  • As a basis for planning, identifying the properties that contribute to a community’s character or illustrate its historical and/or architectural development and providing the data needed to make informed decisions about managing these resources
  • To establish priorities for conservation, restoration, and rehabilitation 
  • To identify buildings of a particular type, style, or period
  • To locate threatened or endangered resources 
  • To find buildings or landscapes that are eligible for designation on a local, state, or national level
  • To raise public awareness of historic resources through survey outreach
  • To educate through the incorporation of survey data into interpretive plans or other heritage tourism products

CoPR’s survey program offers a wide range of services including: 

  • Reconnaissance-level Survey
  • Intensive-level Survey
  • HABS/HAER/HALS documentation 
  • Determination of eligibility for designation 
  • National or State Register Nomination 
  • Local landmark designation 
  • Historic context study or interpretive study 
  • Products to disseminate survey information: publications, tours, websites