Old farm buildings


The Center of Preservation Research’s assessment program is dedicated to classifying existing conditions, recommending treatment approaches and options, and analyzing potential reuse opportunities for the historic buildings and structures that surround us, producing detailed written and photographic reports. The goal is to thoroughly understand the building's condition prior to any physical work being accomplished.

Why obtain an assessment?

  • Any treatment of an historic building needs to begin with a building condition assessment; assessments are the first step in restoring or preserving historic structures.
  • To create a permanent record of a property's physical and historic characteristics, to enable appropriate choices to be made when moving forward on a project
  • To use as a basis for planning, maintaining and managing historic resources
  • To establish priorities and costs for preservation, reconstruction, restoration, and rehabilitation approaches
  • To make a rapid evaluation a structure after a natural or manmade disaster
  • To locate and assess threatened or endangered resources and document their current conditions and immediate threats.
  • To evaluate adaptive reuse or energy retrofit upgrade plans based on the Secretary of the Interior's Standards.
  • To raise public awareness of historic resources through outreach and dissemination of assessment findings.

CoPR’s assessment program offers a wide range of services including:

  • Historic Structure Assessments
  • Rapid building and site condition assessments for disaster consultation
  • NPS Historic Structure Reports
  • Evaluation of historic character and character defining features
  • Adaptive reuse evaluation based on the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards
  • Products to disseminate assessment information: publications, tours, websites