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Campus Signatures

CU Denver is both an independent campus and an affiliate of the University of Colorado. Each of the four campuses has its own signature lockup, allowing individual identity while maintaining a cohesive brand across all University of Colorado entities.

When to Use

Uses include academic materials, building signage, events happening on campus, campus life, internal content, and pairing with other campuses.

Available Configurations

Left Aligned (Default)
Campus Signature Single Line

Center Aligned
Campus Signature Single Line

Left Aligned (Condensed)
Campus Signature Condensed

Center Aligned (Condensed)
Campus Signature Single Line

Mark Construction - Signature Marks


All signatures come in full color, reverse color, black, and white.


CampusSignature-SingleReversed Color Brand Logo

Full Color (default)

Reversed Color
Standard Black Brand LogoStandard White Brand Logo



Clear space must always surround university marks to improve visual impact and ensure legibility. The minimum acceptable clear space is equal to the height of the CU icon as it appears in the mark.
Clearance Space Campus Signature

Clearance space for all marks is defined by campus. Other campuses and the CU System office may have different clearance requirements. When unsure which standards to follow, default to the standard that defines the larger clearance space therefore both standards are met.


In order to ensure legibility, signature marks must never appear smaller than the sizes below:

Minimum Size

  • Do not stretch, condense, or distort the mark.
  • Do not replace or retype any part of the name.
  • Do not alter, reposition, or rescale the mark elements.
  • Do not use the CU icon or mark as a watermark, background graphic, or repeating pattern.
  • Do not add text or graphics to the mark.
  • Do not change the colors of the mark. 
  • Do not add strokes, drop shadows, gradients, additional styling, or visual effects.
  • Do not pair the mark with other graphics or logos

How To Apply These Marks


Dual Campus Signatures

The University of Colorado Denver and the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus are administratively consolidated.

While we operate under this organizational structure, each campus maintains its own brand and identity allowing CU Denver and CU Anschutz to be strategic, focused, and more attuned to their internal and external audiences.

External Use

In all but a few select cases, the dual-campus identity should be avoided for external communications, in favor of a single-campus strategy. Users with questions about how to accomplish this effectively should contact University Communications for a consultation.

Internal Use

When necessary, entities serving both campuses may deploy the dual-campus identity for internal communications. However, this approach should only be used for official dual-campus efforts. The default strategy is to communicate on a case-by-case basis, using the appropriate CU Denver or CU Anschutz brand.

Left Aligned


Campus Signature Single Line



Campus Signature Single Line

Left Aligned (Condensed)


Campus Signature Single Line

Left Aligned (Condensed)


Campus Signature Single Line