The CU Denver brand logo is the primary way our campus is recognized by internal and external audiences. All configurations of the logo are single, unified graphics. Do not separate, retype, replace, reposition, distort, or add elements to the any of the marks.

When to Use

Uses include campaigns, recruitment, social events, content relating to community involvement and impact, and promotional materials.

Available Configurations

Standard Logo

Condensed Logo



All signatures come in full color, reverse color, black, and white.


BrandLogo-StandardReversed Color Brand Logo

Full Color (default)

Reversed Color
Standard Black Brand LogoStandard White Brand Logo



Clear space must always surround university marks to improve visual impact and ensure legibility. The minimum acceptable clear space is equal to the height of the CU icon as it appears in the mark.
Clearance Space Brand Logo

Clearance space for all marks is defined by campus. Other campuses and the CU System office may have different clearance requirements. When unsure which standards to follow, default to the standard that defines the larger clearance space therefore both standards are met.


In order to ensure legibility, signature marks must never appear smaller than the sizes below:

Minimum Size Brand Logo

  • Do not stretch, condense, or distort the mark.
  • Do not replace or retype any part of the name.
  • Do not alter, reposition, or rescale the mark elements.
  • Do not use the CU icon or mark as a watermark, background graphic, or repeating pattern.
  • Do not add text or graphics to the mark.
  • Do not change the colors of the mark. 
  • Do not add strokes, drop shadows, gradients, additional styling, or visual effects.
  • Do not pair the mark with other graphics or logos

How to Apply These Marks

Limited Use Colorway

In addition to the acceptable colorways, the brand logo comes in CU Gold, for both configurations. Variations in the gold may be used only in special cases that have been approved by University Communications.

Brand Logo Condensed Gold
Tips on using this colorway

This gold mark is best used on dark backgrounds to ensure legibility.


Use sparingly for high-level materials and on rare occasions.