CU Denver’s university marks are the cornerstone elements of our visual identity system. They provide common visual messaging across our campus and the larger University of Colorado system.

CU Denver is both an independent campus and an affiliate of the University of Colorado. University marks are developed by the University of Colorado system to help all affiliated campuses stay consistent and connected. University marks are identified by the interlocking CU icon. These marks distinctly identify campuses, schools, colleges, departments, and universally affiliated groups while maintaining a cohesive brand identity across all University of Colorado entities. The following guidelines apply to the CU Denver campus only. 

Types of University Marks

Other Marks

Official Seals

The official seals of the University of Colorado are used on official university documents, such as diplomas, degrees, and official transcripts. The use of the official seal rests with the secretary of the university and the Board of Regents.

University Seals

CU Icon

The interlocking CU icon represents the University of Colorado as a whole. For CU Denver, it should be used only with official marks.

Any use of the CU icon alone must be approved by the University Brand Identity Standards Board.

CU Icon

Brand identity strength for units, schools, and colleges directly correlates to their affiliation with the University of Colorado and its campuses. Subidentities—such as logos, wordmarks, typefaces, and alternate design elements other than those officially approved—detract from the university’s ability to project a consistent, coordinated identity. Elements that don’t follow approved identity standards are prohibited.