Student clubs and organizations are an important part of the university experience, and a vital component of our mission, brand and identity.

To ensure that CU Denver’s clubs and organizations are accurately represented and supportive of the university brand, the following guidelines for identification and visual expression have been developed. 

Types of Student Clubs and Organizations

Below are descriptions of the types of student clubs and organizations recognized by CU Denver. For more information about current CU Denver student clubs and organizations—or to start a new one—contact CU Denver’s Office of Student Life.

Affiliated Student Organizations

Affiliated student clubs and organizations include groups that are formally recognized by the university. They are not controlled by or connected to local, state or national organizations and include CU Denver students serving as voting members.

Associated Student Organizations

Associated clubs and organizations include local chapters of state, regional or national groups that have a presence on campus and have been formally recognized by CU Denver.

Independent Student Organizations

Independent organizations are defined as groups or organizations with no recognition, association or affiliation with CU Denver. Students who join these groups do so on their own, and not on behalf of the university.

Student clubs and organizations that choose to self-identify through the use of custom artwork or logo designs must receive prior approval from University Communications and Student Life. All custom identities and artwork must adhere to the following general rules in addition to the above guidelines. 

Student club donts
Do not use trademarked or copyrighted graphics or intellectual property in artwork or designs.

Student club donts

Do not use inappropriate language or visuals in artwork or designs.

Student club donts

Do not incorporate official CU logos, graphics or marks into custom artwork or designs.