CU Denver’s spirit identity is a distinct and engaging expansion of our brand. Used as a focal point for student and community pride, as well as for club sports and other university organizations, it is embodied by our mascot, Milo the Lynx.

Spirit marks should be used for content and engagement related to student life, the campus community, and school pride. These marks are not used for identification of CU entities or initiatives, or as replacements for CU Denver’s logo, campus, or unit signatures. The following guidelines apply to the CU Denver campus only.

Spirit Identity Marks

CU Denver's spirit identity includes three approved spirit marks.

Shield Mark

The shield spirit mark features the CU icon combined with a “leaping lynx” illustration, above the wordmarks Denver and Lynx. It is surrounded by a shield graphic that encompasses the Rocky Mountains at top and a stylized Denver skyline beneath.

Spirit Marks - Shield

Floating Lynx Mark

The floating Lynx spirit mark features the same iconography and wordmark as above, but without the encompassing shield and skyline elements.

Spirit Marks - Floating

Milo Illustration Mark

The CU Denver spirit identity also includes an approved illustration of our mascot, Milo the Lynx.

Spirit Marks - Illustration

Spirit Marks vs Secondary Marks and Graphics
All spirit marks include an interlocking CU Icon. For that reason, they are held to the same application, pairing, and usage guidelines as university marks.

Secondary marks do not include the interlocking CU icon, so they have different usage guidelines. To learn more about secondary marks, go to our secondary marks page.

Eligibility and Use

Use of CU Denver’s spirit identity is generally limited to expressions of student pride, student wellness, and/or CU Denver’s club sports program.

  • Club sports/team marketing
  • Retail/fashion apparel and merchandise (including Spirit Thursday apparel)
  • Spirit-based events (new student orientation, move-in day, on-campus and community events, etc.)
  • Select undergraduate and K–12 recruitment tactics
  • Select space and display graphics in student-facing areas (Student Wellness Center, student services, housing and dining services, etc.)
  • Replacement of or substitution for CU Denver’s formal identity elements—including the brand logo, campus signature, or unit signatures
  • Uses that promote CU Denver academic, administrative, or research-focused content, communications, or marketing
  • Use in employee email signatures
  • As permanent signage
  • To promote initiatives, events, or entities at other CU campuses (including CU Anschutz and the dual-campus identity)

Request the Lynx or Milo to Name Events and Programs

Incorporating CU Denver’s spirit identity into the name of campus events, initiatives, and awards is a great way to connect audiences with our culture. When used responsibly, it both strengthens our brand and provides a focal point for users.

Approval Required

Using CU Denver’s spirit identity, including our mascot Milo the Lynx, must receive prior approval from University Communications. To begin the approval process, complete and submit a naming proposal form.


  • Spirit naming is limited to CU Denver events, initiatives, and awards. Academic and administrative units (department, programs, center, etc.) are not eligible to incorporate CU Denver’s spirit identity into their name.
  • The naming of physical spaces requires approval from university leadership.