Logos & Marks / Secondary Marks

Event & Celebratory Marks

These marks promote unique experiences and celebrations, such as campus-wide gatherings, celebrations, and lecture series.

Whether you use a simple text treatment or get more creative with graphics, a professional-looking mark illustrates the spirit of your event and gives it a distinctive tone. For annual events, these marks foster recognition among audiences and build anticipation for the next one.

Typical Mark Characteristics

Mark Construction

Mark Construction - Events

Best Practices

  • Keep the graphics simplified and focus on flat artwork, such as line art and textures. If the sub-brand graphics represent a school/college, make sure they align with the guidelines.
  • Use CU Denver’s brand font.
  • Use CU Denver brand colors.

Pairing with University Marks

Pairing these marks with a campus or unit signature is encouraged, unless the mark include the name CU Denver. Be sure to visually separate the campus affiliation mark from the secondary mark.

Examples of Marks

Secondary Marks - campaigns

Event Marks

Secondary Marks - campaigns

Experience/Services Mark

Secondary Marks - campaigns

Celebratory Mark

Application Examples

Secondary Mark Application Examples

Event Materials


  • Environmental signage throughout event space to create a branded experience
  • Apparel to commemorate event/event staff apparel for identification purposes
  • Templates, such as presentations, to unify look and feel of the event
  • Printed materials such as posters, postcards and handouts
  • Digital communications, such as emails and newsletters
  • Signage, such as yard signs


Usage Guidelines

All secondary marks should include specifications about mark construction and the details listed below. For files and guidelines, please contact University Communications.

Color Variations

All secondary marks should come in full color, reversed full color (when applicable), black, and white.

Minimum Sizes

Minimum sizes will be customized to each secondary mark based on the detail and legibility of the marks.

Clearance Space

Clear space will vary for each mark to ensure visual impact and legibility.