Brand Values

CU Denver's brand values define who we are and what we hold dear as a institution.


By our nature, we are focused on the future. Through research and hands-on practice, we challenge traditional thinking and make new discoveries. We inspire in our students a lifelong love of learning and discovery that leads to ongoing innovation in Denver, the country, and the world.


As Denver’s only public urban research university, we help define the city we call home. Our inclusive campus community, downtown location, a network of engaged alumni, and local and global partnerships all combine to make us a leading contributor to Denver’s unique and thriving culture.


CU Denver powers the progress of the city. We bring together diverse people to create new partnerships, ideas, and solutions to benefit our city, our university, and our students.


We embrace diversity as a core value. We honor varied experiences and perspectives in the belief that they enhance the educational experience for all. We create a welcoming and respectful learning environment and foster a culture of inclusion.


We champion those who strive to achieve more through hard work and academic rigor. Our goal is to produce accomplished professionals who are self-reliant, motivated, and ready for the next challenge.


Purpose drives our students to seek an education that prepares them with the skills, knowledge, and real-world experiences they need to accomplish their goals. We nurture a diverse, stimulating environment where potential becomes achievement.

Brand Personality

Our brand personality is defined by the distinctive characteristics of how we look, feel, and interact with our internal and external audiences.


We open our doors to all students enthusiastically with the promise of opportunity.


Our culture reflects our diverse student body and lively urban location.

Respectful + Respected

We are strong because we appreciate diverse viewpoints. We are smart because we welcome new ideas. We are recognized and valued because inclusivity is the driving force behind everything we do.

Bold + Smart

We are not afraid to forge our own path and celebrate an identity that is intelligent and unique from other universities.


We are teachers and doers. We roll up our sleeves and consistently blend insight with innovation.

Connector + Connected

Relationships with alumni, business leaders, and nonprofit and civic organizations create unique opportunities for students and communities, locally, regionally, and globally.

Our Key Messages

CU Denver’s key messages help direct and focus our communications.


Connection to the City

The city is our classroom: we provide our students with purposeful learning opportunities unique to our location in the heart of downtown Denver. And, access to Denver’s vibrant arts and culture scene is right at our front door.

Through community partnerships, we generate innovative solutions to societal challenges and prepare the engaged citizens of tomorrow. We mobilize university resources and knowledge to address needs in the city of Denver and beyond.

As a result, CU Denver helps define the diverse, vibrant, and entrepreneurial nature of the city of Denver.


Learn with Purpose

Our students know what they want to achieve and are partners in their education. We help them find the most direct and relevant path to success with an emphasis on community engagement and civic responsibility.

Our high-quality faculty members, experts in their fields, are committed to student success, academic excellence, and the real-world applications of their research and creative work.

Hands-on learning opportunities—internships, work in research labs, service learning, study abroad, work study—widen our students’ professional development and potential, making them sought-after by employers.

As a result, CU Denver elevates students to find their success and achieve their purpose.


Colorado’s Only Public Urban Research University

We offer more than 100 high-quality, in-demand programs of study, leading to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

We are the most ethnically diverse research university in Colorado, reflecting and shaping our urban setting.

Our faculty are recognized for consistently producing timely, topical, and innovative research, which is vital to the generation of new knowledge and provides solutions to complex local and global issues. Substantial student inclusion in research and creative work contributes to the richness of the learning experience.

We are connected to a network of influential alumni who are leaders in Denver’s civic, nonprofit, and business communities.

As a result, CU Denver is a vital asset both to our students and to the city we call home.